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The Best Twitter Analytics Tools: Free and Paid

A guide to the best Twitter analytics tools.

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By Ana Simova
content writer at Ranking Press

Having a strong presence on social media is very important nowadays, which is why businesses are investing large chunks of their marketing budgets to get more followers on the platforms they use, including Twitter. This is where Twitter analytics tools come into play.

Knowing your audience and understanding their activity is crucial if you want to promote your business more successfully on social media. Using Twitter analytics tools can help you achieve this faster and easier. It will simplify the process, save you time, and give you a lot in return. 

Twitter has its own integrated analytics tool that you can use for free directly on the platform. But if you want more metrics and information, as well as additional features, there are plenty of different analytics tools that you can use. There are both free and paid Twitter analytics tools, and depending on your goals and needs, you should pick and use the one you think will help you the most. 

We’ll go over the best free and paid Twitter analytics tools, so you can choose the one that would be best for your business. But first, let’s say a few words about how you can use Twitter’s own analytics tools.

How to Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a free analytics tool that is developed internally by Twitter. Although it’s a basic analytics tool that doesn’t cover a wide range of detailed statistics and insights, it’s quite good, given that it’s free and probably more than enough for the average Twitter user. However, if your business is online and you are more serious about using analytics for promoting it more efficiently, we recommend that you scroll down to the best paid Twitter analytics tools.

Using Twitter analytics is quite simple and straightforward. When you open the analytics part of Twitter, you are presented with a 28 day summary of the most popular statistics like profile visits, number of tweets, number of tweet impressions, number of followers and mentions.

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If you scroll down, you’ll see sections with the same stats, but on a monthly basis. There’s also a tweet highlights section, where you can see your top tweet, top follower and top mention for each month of the year.

If you use Twitter on your laptop or desktop computer, you will see other tabs besides Home at the top of your web browser. There you can find more information about your tweets, your audience, your videos, as well as more info on events and conversion tracking.

If you click on the Audience tab, you’ll find some interesting data on your current followers. For me, this is the most interesting, but also the most useful part of Twitter analytics. You’ll find more information about your followers, such as their interests (music, health, business, tech, etc), their occupation, and even net worth and household income.

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In the Audience part of Twitter Analytics, you can discover your audiences’ age groups, gender, education, and other demographics. There is also data about which genre of TV shows your followers like to watch. If you go to the Consumer Behaviour section, you’ll learn about the buying style and type of goods your followers like to purchase.

Now that you know what the Twitter analytics tool is all about, let’s briefly go over the best free and paid Twitter analytics tools.

The Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools

Mentionmapp Analytics

Mentionmapp is a simple analytics tool that’s great for visualizing the things that happen on Twitter. By entering a hashtag, you can discover other popular hashtags that have been mentioned and are closely related to the one you’ve entered.

With this simple and partly free tool, you can find new conversations and interactions that you might have missed on Twitter. Apart from entering a hashtag, you can input a Twitter handle and create a map that will inform you on what’s happening in that given moment, where you can also find out the most valuable contributors on a given topic.

If you want unlimited access to Mentionmapp, you will need to pay $27 a month. Otherwise, you can use this Twitter analytics tool for free, but you’ll be limited to a certain number of searches and downloads of the map, per month.


This is an awesome free Twitter analytics tool that will give you rich analytics on any hashtag, mention, tweet or reply you enter. Twitonomy has been up from 2012, and now it’s also available on Android and iOS.

Other than great visualized analytics, you can backup your existing tweets, and easily export them to PDF or Excel. You can also export a list of the Twitter profiles you follow as well as those who follow you.

Twitonomy is free and you can use it by signing in with Twitter and giving the app an authorization.

Another free analytics tool for Twitter that will give you detailed insights for any public Twitter profile. collects data almost in real-time, so you’ll have updated analytics and insights whenever you want to know more about a given follower, hashtag, topic or a mention.

You can try and use this analytics tool immediately since it’s free and doesn’t even require you to sign up or log in with Twitter. All you need to do is enter a Twitter handle in the search box at top-right of the page, and you’ll be presented with detailed information about that Twitter profile.

On the page that you’ll be redirected to, you’ll find everything from basic information and stats, to the mentions, topics and hashtags used. There will also be a Tweets Analysis section, where you’ll find statistics based on 100 random tweets from the Twitter account you’ve entered and also in what period of the day the users tweet the most.


Do you want to know when to post in order to get the best reach and engagement? Tweriod is the simplest tool on this list of Twitter analytics tools. It does only one thing, however, but does it best out of all the other free analytics tools.

By analyzing not only your tweets but your followers’ tweets as well, Tweriod will give you the best times to tweet for each day of the week. You can see an hourly graph too, and all of this is possible by collecting the time data of up to 1000 tweets.

The Best Paid Twitter Analytics Tools


Amplifr is a social media scheduling and analytics tool meant for social media professionals like solopreneurs or influencers, small businesses, big brands and companies, media companies, and digital and advertising agencies. It’s the perfect analytics tool, scheduling tool, and social media management tool – all in one, that allows not only team collaboration and different access levels, but your clients can participate as well if that’s what you wish. So, whether you’re using only Twitter or you’re on multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and so on, this is the only tool you’ll need, and this is why.

Firstly, Amplifr offers impeccable and simple to understand analytics for all your social media account all in one dashboard. You’ll be able to see whether your engagement over the last month (including clicks, likes, reposts/retweets, and comments per days) has increased or decreased and by how much.

You can track the number of followers your posts reached, the number of social media users overall, as well as the number of impressions per day. Moreover, Amplifr will tell you when social media users subscribe or unsubscribe from your accounts, and it will also give you the percentage of your active followers out of your total audience, so you can keep track.

Another great thing Amplifr offers that not many analytics tools do is giving you the absolute best posting times based on your audience’s engagement. This way, you’ll be able to maximize the reach of your posts and increase your engagement rate organically. You can also receive all of these statistics neatly organized in an Excel document by email, either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Secondly, besides an analytics tool, Amplifr is also a scheduling tool. You can create your own content calendar where you can easily store, edit, and schedule all your social media posts for all your social media accounts. You can schedule posts in bulk weeks and months in advance, and once you do Amplifr will automatically post them at your desired times. What’s more, you’ll get the best posting time for each post.

Lastly, the reason why Amplifr is great not only for individuals but for companies as well, is because it allows, as we mentioned in the beginning, team collaboration and different access levels, so your whole team can contribute in the management of your social media accounts. And even your clients can get access if you want.

So, what makes Amplifr better that the other paid analytics tools? We already have an article where we compare the best paid social media analytics tools that support Twitter with Amplifr, so you can check them out and decide for yourself.

Amplifr vs. Hootsuite

Amplifr vs. MeetEdgar

Amplifr vs. Sprout Social


Hootsuite is a great comprehensive tool that can be used with all the popular social media platforms. It’s not only an analytics tool, but you can also manage your social media accounts, schedule posts, and get custom reports.

In the analytics part of Hootsuite, you can track the engagement your posts get and measure your Twitter results. You can easily create reports and export your data in just a few clicks in PDF, CVS, Excel or PowerPoint format.

Hootsuite has one free plan and four others that are for paid users. The free plan is only for one user, and you can use 3 different social media accounts and schedule a maximum of 30 posts. The four paid plans (Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise) are for those who want to use the full potential of Hootsuite and they start from $19 a month.


Buffer is an analytics tool that can be used with the most popular social media sites including Twitter. However, Buffer is much more than an analytics tool. In fact, they have three distinctive tools for your social media needs, simply called Publish, Reply, and Analyze.

With their first tool Publish, you can easily schedule and publish posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can also create a content calendar and work together with your team so that the content you publish is looks perfect.

The Reply tool that Buffer offers to paid customers is amazing for communicating with your audience and can help you with your engagement on Twitter. Reply is also great for customer support on social media and with it you can see all your comments, replies and messages from multiple social networks into one place.

And lastly, there’s the Analyze tool, where you can get helpful recommendations, reports, and insights. From one dashboard, you can follow the performance of your posts on different social sites, and also analyze your audience and their posts. Additionally, you can create custom and detailed reports, and export them with your company’s logo and title.

Buffer gives you a 14-day trial for each one of their tools, and they also have a free basic plan that you can activate after your trial ends. With the free basic plan, you are limited to using 3 social media accounts for one user and schedule up to 10 posts.

Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a tracking tool for Twitter and Instagram. Its main features are around analyzing and classifying your social media content, which helps you optimize your campaigns.

This tracking tool can create a historical report, a 30-day report and a real-time report for Twitter. Tweet Binder can also track hashtags, and make a hashtag analysis for Instagram. With its services, Tweet Binder will help you track your campaigns in real-time and will further help you get to know your audience better.

The pricing starts from $86.95 a month for a Basic plan that’s recommended for startups and freelancers and goes to $770 for its Premium plan that is intended for big businesses.

Sprout Social

This tool is another great solution for social media managers where you can track keywords and hashtags from Twitter, and also generate reports for your social accounts. With their audience demographic tool, Sprout Social can analyze your Twitter audience and help you understand your followers.

Another thing that stands out is the comparison reporting, a tool that helps you compare your Twitter profile side-by-side with your competitors’ profiles. With Sprout Social, you can go through your Tweets and find out whether they are conversational or promotional, making this a useful tool to ensure that you’re reaching new audiences.

Sprout Social gives you a 30-day trial for any plan and it doesn’t require you to enter your credit card. The paid plans start with the Standard plan that costs $99 per month. There are two other plans – Professional and Advanced that include more advanced tools like competitive reports, trend analysis for Twitter, and chatbots with automation tools.

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