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The Best Social Media Management Tools: Hootsuite vs Amplifr

How to choose between the world’s biggest and most versatile social media management platforms.

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By Una Gašparović
content manager at Ranking Press

How to choose between the world’s biggest and most versatile social media management platforms.

There are places online, where a single piece of content (an image, a chunk of text or a video) can reach thousands of people and change the way they perceive your brand. Furthermore, where high-quality content inspires people to take action on your offers.

Sounds lovely, right? And indeed, social media channels carry the enormous earning potential for (almost) every business.

But, let’s get really honest now. Social media marketing, including scheduling, posting and the entire management of several channels, can get pretty messy and even, overwhelming. Trust us, we’ve been there before.

Speaking of social media overwhelm, keeping the quality of content high, while being consistent and engaging at the same time – these are the main stumbling blocks for most entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers we know.

Harold is upset with all the social media profiles he has to manage ;(
Harold is upset with all the social media profiles he has to manage; (

Now, the question is: how can this obstacle be solved? And additionally, how to move beyond likes, comments and shares, and potentially increase your income using social media?

A smarter social media management

There is a way to simplify the posting process, while improving on your social media activities at the same time!

The answer is: social media management tools.

These tools are particularly created to make marketing with social media easy and transparent. In the core of their efficiency, lies scheduling, an activity which will save you a lot of time and also, create a desired consistency in your social media presence.

When your content is scheduled (meaning, previously prepared and then, set to be posted at the particular time in the future), it becomes much easier to manage and then later, analyse and improve your social media efforts.

Curious what a social media tool, in general, can do for you? We wrote a blog post about that too!

There’s quite a few social media tools worth attention ;-)
There’s quite a few social media tools worth attention; -)

Social media management tools are many, but the most popular ones and also, the platforms we’re going to cover in this blog series are:

Today, we are going to present and compare the main features of Hootsuite and Amplifr. With the given information about major pros and cons of these two scheduling platforms, you’ll be able to make a decision – which one is the best for your business?

Introducing the main features of Amplifr

As you’ve already learned, each and every of these most popular social media management tools is built to simplify and automatize your content posting. Basically, they’re all made to bring order and control into social media marketing.

With that said, these platforms are all easy to use and navigate, and Amplifr is no exception. This way, you can focus on content creation, smart planning and expectedly, making more money with social media. (Hint: we have a way to help you monetize your social media presence.)

So, this is what Amplifr brings to the table:

  • ? Quick and easy scheduling, rescheduling, with a “one-button” delete option
  • ? Crystal clear insight on which posts performed well and which did not (through a nice-looking calendar of daily stats)
  • ? Tracking of specific social media posts that led to the purchase on your website (which helps you determine the exact strategy to bring more sales)
  • ? The simplest posting of visuals: drag& drop or “just paste a link” options for images, GIFs and videos, with a neat preview option as well
  • Easy selection of media accounts, covering all major social channels:
    • Facebook: profiles, pages, groups; Twitter; Linkedin; Google+: personal and company pages; PInterest; Tumblr; and even Telegram and Viber public chats, and!
  • Suggestions of perfect posting times (ML-based)
  • ? Ability to easily switch between projects and collaborate with your clients or team members
  • Automatic optimization of your content (videos, gifs and other rich formats)
  • …and that’s just a tip of the iceberg! We’re saving the best for later.

And what about Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is one of the most famous social media management systems or tools, available in several plans (the offer is changing from time to time, this is how it looks in July 2017):

  • Free – for personal use
  • Professional – good for a beginning stage of your business
  • Team – bringing the teamwork into play (and a Team plan is the one we’ll use in our comparison with Amplifr, as they’re alike)
  • Business – with deeper analytics and priority support, recommended for small and middle-sized businesses
  • Enterprise – as you might guess, meant for large companies or organizations, with customizable features

We’ve posted a review of MeetEdgar versus Amlifr a few days back. Check it out!

There are several reasons why we like Hootsuite and its features surely inspired us and helped us develop Amplifr.

First, Hootsuite helps you manage many social profiles (20, with the Team plan) on these social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook: profiles, pages, groups
  • Google+: pages and profiles
  • LinkedIn: personal and company profiles
  • WordPress blogs
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

The platform helps you manage these social channels, but also to monitor them and with a Team plan, to delegate tasks between your colleagues/employees.

Next, Hootsuite is the leader when it comes to social media education. They provide various webinars, courses and certifications about social media. Of course, knowing more about social media cannot guarantee the success, but we admire Hootsuite for putting this element into focus.

Also, what Hootsuite provides (which most of the other social media management systems don’t) is brand protection. What does this mean? Basically, if you choose to use that feature, it enables you to track the mentions, which protects your company’s name. A similar, ego-friendly option is a Vanity URL, that personalizes your links.

How does Hootsuite compare to Amplifr?

Despite the fact that Hootsuite offers a variety of plans and features, the biggest drawback for most users was simply: it costs a lot. First, the plans themselves are not cheap at all (for team versions, starting from 99$/month) and if you wish to obtain a insightful analytic report, you need to pay extra.

Keep in mind as well, that with Amplifr you’re getting a deep, conversion-focused analytics for all channels you’re covering. With Hootsuite, you won’t be able to track the likes, shares and comments for your Facebook posts.

The same principle goes for custom URL shorteners (such as Vanity URL) and team features. The Team plan in Hootsuite could be too expensive for smaller businesses when all these costs add up to the already costly plan. This is where Amplifr definitely wins the game, as it is both affordable and comprehensive.

Next, Amplifr covers more social media channels than Hootsuite, including Pinterest, Tumblr, even Viber public chats, Telegram public channels and Eastern European platforms and

But most importantly, Amplifr is much easier to use and it doesn’t force you to pay extra for every game-changing feature. As an example, Amplifr goes beyond the basic analytics of likes, comments and shares, it provides traffic and conversion analytics, that empower you to precisely measure your ROI.

In simplest of words – Amplifr is a straightforward tool that helps you gain more money, not mere publicity, with your social media marketing. No other social media tool, even Hootsuite, doesn’t come near to this.

Okay, what about that team collaboration?

Amplifr went further in this aspect as well. As Hootsuite, we also provide team collaboration inside the management platform itself.

The sweet range of options we’ve added consists of:

  • Team analytics digests that all selected team members or clients can receive over email or even in Excel spreadsheets
  • For agencies – content collaboration inside Amplifr, which puts your clients in control of the weekly content schedule
  • A bit of data-driven magic – Amplifr’s algorithm creates predictive analytics, which clearly show what type of content converts better. In this way, you can work with your team more efficiently, adjusting the schedule and entire strategies, based on proven performance data.

The conclusion is clear

Two comprehensive and powerful social media scheduling and management platforms – Hootsuite and Amplifr, both with many benefits and robust features. Whoa, this was indeed a battle of giants!

While it’s impossible to say which option is a better one, we can clearly state what types of businesses would benefit the most from Amplifr and who will most likely be satisfied with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite offers different plans, true. But, when you calculate the additional costs, as their Free plan covers only three social channels and almost every useful feature is paid, it might be wiser to invest in one Amplifr offer that covers it all. Plus, with Amplifr, you’ll enjoy features that even the Enterprise plan in Hootsuite doesn’t offer (such as predictive analytics and weekly team reports).

For small and medium-sized businesses, Amplifr is unquestionably the wisest option. It’s simpler to use, it provides the profit-focused analytics that no other platform currently offers.

If you don’t want to watch your wallet emptying and wish to see more money coming in from your social media efforts – enter Amplifr. Welcome, you’ll love it here!

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