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The Best Social Media Management Tools: Amplifr vs MeetEdgar

Our first essay on what social media tools can do for your business and how to choose the right one.

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By Una Gašparović
content manager at Ranking Press

Our first essay on what social media tools can do for your business and how to choose the right one.

Welcome to the new stage of social media scheduling!

There are two phases in every professional social media user’s life. The initial phase is usually filled with time-consuming processes: brainstorming and planning, content creation, manual posting of content pieces to different social media channels, and the use of intuition as an analytical tool (which leads nowhere)…

And the next phase begins with an enlightening experience: a discovery of magical tools for social media management! Suddenly, keeping your online presence alive becomes easy and social media doesn’t look like a three-headed, fire-spitting beast anymore. But wait, why?

What is social media scheduling and why do you need it in your life?

Are you familiar with those influencers and companies who just keep on shooting out high-quality content 24h, every single day, all throughout the week? One might think they’re relying on a team of diligent hyper-creative robots, that never sleep and hold all secrets to social media success in their metal sleeves.

The truth is simpler but equally exciting – all of these professionals, brands and business masters are using powerful software that helps them manage their social media channels. And guess what – they cost incomparably less than the robot army (at a price of one wire in that robot’s head, you can manage your favourite social channel at Amplifr for a month)!

Social media management software provides various simplification and features:

  • ? You can schedule your beautiful content as you like and to whatever point in time you wish
  • ? It’s easier to plan out and implement your marketing strategy if it’s based on clear data and statistics
  • ? Also, use of management tools increases your potential reach and outcomes
  • ? With consistency, your social media visibility becomes unstoppable
  • ? Finally, these service solutions (including Amplifr) save time, energy and precious nerves as well!

Not all social media management tools are created the same

Each and every one of these services have their pros and cons. In this growing blog of ours, we’re on a mission to educate you about all most popular social media scheduling and managing systems. First, we’ll compare Amplifr and MeetEdgar, so you can make a decision which social media management platform is the right one for you.

Meet Amplifr

Made to bring control, clarity and order into social media posting, Amplifr is the most user-friendly and reliable social media management service. It specializes in all three essential areas of social media posting: scheduling, collaboration and analytics.

Whether you’re a marketer, solopreneur, social media influencer, blogger, or maybe a professional standing behind a marketing agency, PR agency or literally any company that uses social media marketing – consider Amplifr.

Because, in short, it helps you make more money with social media posting. (Oh yes.)

Main features

Everyday, Amplifr comes a step closer to mind-reading tools of the future. User’s experience is our obsession, to be honest. We’re constantly improving our current features, while creating new ones as well.

And the ultimate goal is to make your social media scheduling, organising, collaborating and analysing as easy as possible. Especially analysing, as it’s the most common cause of “social media headaches” (should this be an official medical term?)

Here’s a glimpse of what can you expect from Amplifr:

  • Quick and easy scheduling and rescheduling
  • Clear insight on which posts went well and which didn’t, presented through daily stats
  • Possibility to, in a blink of an eye, delete a post from all channels
  • Straightforward visibility of who published the post and when
  • Complete control of visuals: drag& drop or “just paste a link” options for images, GIFs and videos
  • Freedom to make different post versions for each media
  • Easy selection of media accounts
  • Suggestions of perfect posting time (our favorite feature)
  • A calendar with nicely presented daily stats
  • Ability to quickly switch between projects
  • Power to accurately preview your posts before scheduling
  • And we’re working on so much more.

Now, meet MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your posts on Twitter, Facebook profiles and pages and LinkedIn. The main goal that MeetEdgar’s team had in mind is: simplicity. Both in design and use, it is a very clear, straightforward platform.

The mentioned clearness is what makes MeetEdgar a handy tool for beginners. Any social media newbie or simply someone who do not care about analytics that much, but does care about scheduling, consistent posting and tracking, could be quite satisfied with this tool.

Do not get us wrong, we respect MeetEdgar deeply, and think it is a well-build platform. But, our social media goals are different.

What makes Amplifr different from MeetEdgar?

Feature comparison Amplifr vs MeetEdgar
Feature comparison Amplifr vs MeetEdgar

So, we pointed out that MeetEdgar is focused on simplicity, which do involve statistics and analytics, but only on a basic level. It does a great job when it comes to categorization, automatization and clarity, though.

Depending on your own needs and expectations from social media, you’ll decide which tool suits you the most. The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect social media management software. And they’re all, including Amplifr, focused on scheduling the social media posts.

Differences between them might seem small, but if you wish to use social media as a serious source of leads, sales and/or impact, then every single feature matters.

The key differences between Amplifr and MeetEdgar might just be the game-changers for you:

Amplifr vs MeetEdgar Social Media integrations
Amplifr vs MeetEdgar Social Media integrations
  1. We said that Meet Edgar covers Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Amplifr, on the other hand, went crazy with social channels: Facebook: profiles, pages, groups, Linkedin: personal pages and company pages; Twitter; Google+ (personal and brand pages); Pinterest; Instagram; Tumblr; Viber and Telegram channels;;
  2. In the field of analytics, we invested far more attention than MeetEdgar. Amplifr doesn’t only show you the number of likes, it presents: impressions, likes, clicks, website conversions. The reason why Amplifr went so deep into analytics is because great social media marketing relies on these numbers. It enables you to make wiser choices and intelligently invest in your strategy.
  3. Availability is also an another plus with Amplifr – we cover the web app, Telegram bot, Messenger bot, iOS app, and mobile web version. Far as we know, MeetEdgar is far behind in this category.
  4. Our work organization is different. While MeetEdgar is mainly a tool for companies that wish to surface evergreen content, we support multiple workflows.

What does this mean – multiple workflows? With an upgraded Amplifr for agencies you can work with your clients INSIDE our platform directly, and avoid jumping from GoogleDocs, Excel to Amplifr and back. This saves you a lot of time and keeps the projects clear, understandable and super-productive.

To each his own

Crushing competitors to ashes? Not our vibe. If we didn’t have a chance to learn through features of other social media management platforms, we wouldn’t be able to provide the best possible experience to YOU now.

We encourage you go ahead and test of a couple of platforms, before deciding on the one that suites your marketing needs the most. When it comes to MeetEdgar, it is a platform for people who love organizing and categories, automated options such as “refill your queue” and simplicity.

But, Amplifr doesn’t fear you’ll switch to another platform after the trial period, because we made sure that our social media tools are both easy to use, smart and efficient.

Welcome to Amplifr!

So, instead of just meeting Edgar, better partner with Amplifr. Forget about the random, inefficient posting on social media, those days are done, our friend. You already know that professionals of various profiles can enjoy Amplifr, and the best fit might be anyone who already runs A LOT of social media accounts, but wants to level up the game of posting, scheduling and analyzing. Keep in mind that our service works excellently on any device, enabling you to work on the go as well.

So, maybe you love someone who’s name is Edgar and feel subjectively drawn to MeetEdgar because of that. Only if that is the case, we would understand you missing out on Amplifr. But remember: Edgars come and go, but a solid social media management tool stays by your side.

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