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Social Media Resume: Skills You Need to Get Hired

Discover what skills you need to include in your social media resume to get hired.

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By Ana Simova
content writer at Ranking Press

Can you believe that 10 years ago social media jobs including terms like social media marketing were practically non-existent? Nowadays, however, social media marketing jobs are not only a great way to make an extra buck but they can even turn into lucrative careers. This is why a perfect social media resume with specific skills you need to get hired is a must.

With so many businesses and companies marketing their brands on multiple social media accounts, the social media manager’s job is in high demand. Similar jobs include social media consultant, social media strategist, and social media marketer – the social media manager job being the most sought-after.

So, let’s see what specific skills you need to include in your social media resume in order to get hired as a social media manager. This way you’ll know what skills you need to improve or brush up on and impress with your resume.

What are the Duties of a Social Media Manager?

What exactly does the social media manager role entail? After all, this is the most common job among social media professionals and the most required position in any marketing team, both in big and small companies, so let’s give you a short overview of some day-to-day activities.

Managing social media accounts consists of creating and executing the company’s social media strategy.

Depending on the company, its size, and requirements, this can include:

  • Creating social media posts (usually in smaller companies).
  • Responding to followers’ questions and replying to comments (usually in smaller companies).
  • Managing and improving social media content like choosing and editing posts for specific accounts, scheduling at the best times, etc.
  • Creating a social media calendar.
  • Promoting content both organically and via social media ads.
  • Making sure the social media accounts’ design and aesthetics are consistent with the brand.
  • Knowledge in/of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to optimize posts and everything else.
  • Monitoring the analytics.
  • Developing brand awareness.
  • Staying up-to-date with social media trends.

Skills You Need to Include in Your Resume to Get Hired

We’ll shortly go over 10 skills that are highly appreciated in any social media resume, but this doesn’t mean that you have to include them all. After all, it’s not always a good idea to clutter your resume given that it’ll look messy, so select only those skills that you are really good at.

Writing/Copywriting and Editing

Having great writing skills is one of the must-have skills that any good social media manager should have. After all, your responsibilities may include writing and/or editing posts and replying to comments while using the brand’s specific tone of voice, especially if you’re applying at a smaller company.

This is why you should polish, even enhance your writing skills if you think you need to. There are many resources online – guides, articles, blogs, tutorials, and courses about writing for social media, and you can use some plugins like Grammarly to checks your spelling and grammar.

After all, every successful brand on social media has a distinctive style of writing and a unique tone of voice, since this is what drives more followers and engagement. Just think of brands like Old Spice, Coca-Cola, or Harley Davidson.

So, don’t be afraid to brag about your writing and editing skills, even attach some examples of your previous work in the online resume.

Design and Photo Editing

A good eye for design and great photo editing skills is also something a great social media manager should have. You probably know that social media posts with visuals perform much better than textual-only posts, especially when it comes to engagement, so this is another skill to include in your resume.

You don’t need to have a graphic design diploma in order to do this, only a good eye for design and the ability to use either Photoshop or online editing tools like Canva.

Research and Planning  

Every social media manager should have impeccable research skills. After all, you need to know what your audience really wants and give them exactly that. However, all information you share has to come from credible sources, so mentioning your research abilities in your resume can help you out in getting the job.

Another important skill to include is planning. Content planning, especially across a few or more social media accounts, can be a daunting task if organization and planning are not your strong suits. Since every successful social media content strategy has a well-planned content calendar, the ability to plan, organize, and schedule content is another thing worth mentioning in your resume.

For more information, check out our guide on how to create a social media content calendar.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Since you’re probably going to be a part of a marketing team if hired, highlight your leadership and communication skills in your resume. But even if you’re not part of a team if hired by a small company, social media is all about connecting and communicating with people.

You might have tasks like contacting influencers, replying to customers’ comments, answering their questions, and so on. If you find these or similar tasks in the job description, leadership and communication skills are something the company will be looking for, so don’t forget to include them in your resume.

Knowledge in Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is much more than optimizing online content with keywords. It’s about regularly posting on each platform, responding to comments, answering questions, creating shareable content, including call-to-action in posts, and more.

This is crucial for increasing reach and engagement, so it’s a good idea for the company to know that you’re skilled in social media optimization.

Customer Service

As we already mentioned, some of your tasks as a social media manager might be replying to followers’ comments and answering customers’ questions. After all, over 60% of customers use social media to either ask questions regarding the product or service a company offers, or complain about something.

If hired at a smaller company, you might have to help out with the customer service so it’s a useful skill to include in your resume.

Analytics and Reporting

Being able to understand analytics and report them are one of those essential skills every great social media manager should have. Without being able to measure the social media return on investment, how will you prove the efficiency of your work and the social media marketing campaign you created or enhanced?

Want to know more about analytics and tools? Check out our SMM guide on analytics and reporting.

Some social media platforms like Facebook have their own analytics tools. However, if you’re managing multiple social media platforms, a tool like Amplifr can be your saving grace.

Sign up to Amplifr to manage multiple social media accounts and receive the best posting time predictions and analytical insights.

Knowledge in Both Organic and Paid Social Ad Campaigns

Strategically combining organic and paid social marketing is what increases brand awareness, drives engagement, and converts followers into customers. This is why knowledge in both organic and paid social ad campaigns are skills that should definitely be included in your resume.

A good social media manager should have the ability to not only use organic marketing but work with a given budget to effectively distribute content via paid ads and target the right people to see it. Combining these two marketing tactics and understanding the difference between them is a powerful skill to have, and there are many tools that can help you out along the way.

Video Creation and Editing

Video content is one of the best ways to reach an audience in 2019. This is why having some basic knowledge in video creation and editing can make your social media resume stand out from the rest.

Also, live videos have become one of the best ways in which brands can engage and connect with their followers, so don’t underestimate the power of video creating and editing. There are many tools that can help you out with this, and if you want to know more, you can check out our article on live video content for social media marketing.  

Use of Social Media Management Tools

Every social media manager should know how to use social media management tools that help with posting, scheduling, analytics, – basically managing multiple social media accounts. Let’s be real, without a good social media management tool, you’ll not only be wasting more time than you need, but also make your job much more complicated. So, by mentioning your knowledge in social media management tools in your resume, you’ll come off as more organized and professional in your work.

Amplifr is a tool that automatizes your content posting by scheduling your posts at the best possible times. It also optimizes your content, gives you clear analytics on how each post performed and tells you which specific posts converted followers into customers that made a purchase on the company’s website.

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Final Words

We hope we’ve helped you choose the best skills to include in your resume and increase your chances of getting hired as a social media manager.

Don’t forget to also include personality traits and qualities like adaptability, leadership, curiosity, or anything else that defines you and shows that you’re the best person for the job. Good luck with your job hunting!

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