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Amplifr’s Social Media Marketing Guide: An Introduction

Kickstarting our series of the most definitive social media guides ever.

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By Una Gašparović
content manager at Ranking Press

Welcome to our practical, straightforward social media marketing guide! Recently, we’ve noticed a number of questions from various professionals - entrepreneurs (and solopreneurs), marketers, agencies, bloggers - concerning profitable social media strategies.

They all felt the need to rise above the basics and truly reap all the benefits of social media marketing. Here’s a glimpse on what keeps those professionals awake at night:

  1. Everyone’s talking about platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, and how they can transform one’s business. But, how to use the best of every each of them?
  2. On which activities should I focus most of my efforts, in order to exponentially grow my business with social media marketing?
  3. Do I have to sacrifice a lot of time, money and nerves, in order to experience success on social media?
  4. Are there tools or systems that will help me manage all social media channels in a better way?

Knowing that there are not enough resources on these and similar topics, we gathered the best social media practices on one place. But honestly, the implementation of these tips and tricks cannot be done overnight.

So, why should you still hold on social media marketing and invest the precious time in learning more about it?

Growing a business with social media

As I’m writing these lines, the number of businesses that turn to social media is rising. These are the facts about this marketing model they all know very well:

  • With rather small investments (especially when you compare it to “old school” marketing mediums such as TV commercials or posters), you can increase your brand’s recognition, credibility and visibility with social media;
  • Engagement can ensure customer loyalty (what is more important for a business than to maintain the solid connection with its customers? You’re right – to create an even deeper connection with both current and future customers);
  • Opportunities for conversion are hiding behind every well-crafted social media post, because reactions lead to website visits, and visits lead to possible sales;
  • Speaking of website visitors, smart social media strategy can lead to increased traffic as well;
  • Better SEO rankings are also possible with a little help from social media – your company’s activity on major platforms can significantly strengthen your brand;

    Small investment, increased visibility, stronger customer loyalty, more traffic and conversions, better SEO rankings – the benefits of using social media for business are quite obvious.It is a low-cost, efficient and powerful marketing system, and yes – it is possible to grow a business with social media.

Every system has a flaw

The only downside to this growth strategy focused on social media might be – it can be really, really time-consuming. Posting high-quality content on various channels takes a lot of time, effort and can easily turn into a chaotic, overwhelming mess. Don’t ask us how we know this.

But shake off your frowning face, as there is an elegant solution for that challenge and it is not a high-tech, professionals-only kind of solution – anyone can use it and enjoy it!

Making social media marketing time-efficient and easy

The secret solution lies in social media management tools.

These tools are basically software systems that enable you to easily schedule, organize, and analyze your entire social media content from a single dashboard. Having a tool like that in your marketing arsenal can make your life easier in many ways.

Just imagine scheduling the desired amount of different posts (either textual, visual or multimedia content) to be automatically posted whenever you choose!

Sounds dreamy, but that’s exactly what platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Amplifr turn into the time-saving, creativity-boosting reality.

But, not all social media management tools are the same, and Amplifr has a couple of aces up its sleeve (hint: it has something to do with revenue).

What makes Amplifr so special?

Besides being the most user-friendly social media management tool, Amplifr covers all three most powerful elements of social media management:

The first one takes off the stress out of your social media efforts and saves tons of time.

The second one, collaboration, empowers your team and/or clients to work together, delegate tasks, and gain better control of every channel. Finally, deep but easily understandable analytics help you observe, optimize, and improve on your social media marketing strategy, as they show exactly which posts performed the best and when.

In short, Amplifr helps you make more sales with social media – it simplifies the scheduling process and provides money-making insights (based on conversion, not merely visibility data).

An empowering gift for you and your business

But hey, we’re not here to merely offer our service to you, we are here to help and educate. You see, every single social media platform has its rules for success and particular practices which can make or break your marketing efforts.

So, stay with Amplifr, as we uncover them for you, one by one. With this avalanche of educational guides, our goal is to arm you with:

  • A deeper understanding of five social media giants and how can you use the best of them: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr;
  • On which activities you should focus your efforts to, in order to exponentially grow your business with social media marketing;
  • The plethora of practical tips, hacks and tricks that can help you build, maintain and develop your company’s (or client’s) success on social media channels.

The topics we’ll (dis)cover in following chapters

For every social media channel – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr – we are going to cover these topics in detail:

  1. The best posting times;
  2. How to structure a post (in the means of text, tags and hashtags, images, post length, etc.);
  3. How each and every of these channels functions and why does that matter to you;
  4. Which target groups are most active on a particular social platform;
  5. Engagement basics – how to manage reposts and responds to form a dynamic, raving community;
  6. How to grow your traffic and revenue on these colossal mediums.

As you’ll soon find out, Amplifr loves to over-deliver, so here are our additional guides:

Without further ado, Amplifr thanks you for trusting us as a tool, service and a resource. It is our joy to discover the fascinating world of social media marketing with you. And we can’t wait to see in which creative and profitable ways you’re going to use these tips and tricks.

Let’s dig into knowledge!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook, or drop us a line.

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