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Live Video Content for Social Media Marketing

Getting to know one of the biggest SMM trends of 2017

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By Daria
Project manager at Rocketbank.

Live video content has been named one of the biggest trends that will change social media in 2017. More and more brands, media outlets and influencers are using it to engage their customers and followers in a more human way. Here’s our introduction to the live streaming services of most popular social networks.


Although using live video content is an emerging trend, Periscope, now owned by Twitter has been around since 2015. With Periscope, you can stream from your smartphone. With its satellite app, Periscope Producer, you can stream to Periscope using external sources, such streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras. It also supports 360 live streams.

The list of the brands that are active on Periscope includes EA Sports, Benefit Cosmetics, Adidas, T-Mobile, Adobe and lots of other companies.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live was launched in April of 2016 and now allows streaming from mobile devices and desktop. The live video is saved after it ends and you can share it on your personal page or on a public page. When the live video starts, your friends or page followers receive a push notification in their browser or on their device.

Using live videos and sharing them can improve your page’s organic reach since Facebook gives any video content a priority when forming the news feed with its algorithm.

Live videos are widely used by the media giants such as Buzzfeed and Disney, and companies such as Target, AirBnB, and Dunkin Donuts. Previously, Facebook Live videos were used to create viral polls using Reactions as means of voting, but Facebook prohibits using Live and Reactions for such polls now.

Instagram Live Stories

Instagram Stories also support live videos since November of 2016. When the user begins streaming, their followers receive a push notification and also see the all the active broadcasts in the Stories section on Instagram home screen and in the broadcaster’s profile.

After the broadcast is finished, it will be posted on Stories for 24 hours. You can also save the full video to your phone.

We’ve also reviewed Instagram Live Stories in our introduction to all Instagram Content Formats.

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  1. Live video content is one of the biggest trends in social media for 2017.
  2. Social networks give live video content more organic reach than the regular posts.
  3. You can stream from mobile devices, streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras.
  4. Choose the platform depending on your follower base. If you’re big on Twitter, choose Periscope. If your followers are mostly on Facebook and Instagram, use Facebook Live and Live Stories.

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