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All Kinds of Content on Instagram

Overviewing the features and content opportunities for social media managers

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By Daria
Project manager at Rocketbank.

Instagram has been rolling out a number of updates recently. One of them allowed sharing up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. Another enabled saving the live broadcasts to the phone after they’re finished. With that in mind, we decided to put together a guide to all the Instagram content formats you can use in social media marketing.

Regular photos and videos

Regular photos and videos are what you see in your Instagram feed most frequently. This is what Instagram started with. This is what it’s about. Each picture and video can be captioned and #hashtagged. You can also add location to mark where the picture or video was taken.

You can upload pictures and videos from camera roll on your smartphone, or shoot it right from the app. However, if you decide to use the app, remember that you will only be able to make a square (1×1) picture or video, but you can upload in other formats from your phone.

??⚽ #RMCity ? ‘My ball! ‘ ? ‘¡Mía! ‘

Публикация от Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid)

Multiple photos and videos

With one of the newest Instagram updates you can add up to 10 pictures and videos users can swipe through to your post. Although this feature is relatively new, it has already been tested by a number of brands and celebrities.

SMM experts suggest using such galleries for creating user stories for the product. Also, it’s good for showing the products from different angles or even adding feedback straight to the post.


Layout in& nbsp Google Play Store

You can upload multiple picture collages to Instagram using the Layout app. You can get Layout straight from Instagram post editor, or from App Store and Google Play Store.

Use collages to show your product, event or service. We advise not to use more that four pictures in a single collage, because the details may blur out on smaller screens, and you followers won’t be able to see the full picture.


Boomerang in Google Play Store

Boomerangs are looped videos with no sound that kind of remind us of GIF animations. Maximum loop length is 4 seconds. To create a video like this, you’ll need the Boomerang app.

You can also create looped Stories.

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Instagram Stories, like their predecessor, Snapchat, allow you to create pictures, videos, and Boomerangs that disappear in 24 hours.

According to Instagram reports, about 150 million people use Stories frequently, and a third of most watched stories have been posted by brands.

Using disappearing content is one of the biggest trends in social media marketing

Some companies and influencers can add links straight to their stories. Swipe up on such story will redirect you to a website in an in-app browser.

Live Broadcasts

Live videos on Instagram work just like the other social networks’ streaming services, such as Periscope and Facebook Live. The followers see active live videos in their Stories section and also receive push notifications when the broadcast starts.

To begin streaming, swipe right and choose “Live”. After the broadcast is finished, you can save it to your phone.


  1. Regular photos and videos are what Instagram is about. Use them for any purpose.
  2. Collages can show the product or the person you’re promoting from different sides.
  3. Boomerangs are like GIFs for Instagram.
  4. Multiple picture carousels can help create user stories.
  5. Live broadcasts are great for showing events, backstages, and hosting Q& A sessions.

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