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Amplifr Emoji Composer!

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By Nate
CEO and Founder at Amplifr

Emoji Composer helps you create pictures for your social media posts in seconds. Pick 3 emoji, a background color, and download ?

We’ve released our new small helper tool, the Emoji Composer, several weeks ago but never told you about it before.

Here’s the deal. We keep telling you that once you started content marketing, posting regularly and keeping up the content quality is a must. We also tell you that posts with pictures or videos score 2x more engagement (that means traffic too!).

But sometimes you have a perfect short text update or a tweet that you want to share and you just don’t have the right picture handy.

Usually you’ll go to Google images search or giphy or Unsplash (which is just perfect ?).

Here’s another option: you can just choose 3 emoji, add your logo or a hashtag and click download. Done! You have a small picture with a nice background and emoji, and everybody loves emoji ?

It’s free and available for everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re Amplifr user or not. Create your first emoji post picture! ?

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