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10 Social Media Content Ideas

Content ideas for when you feel uninspired.

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By Ana Simova
content writer at Ranking Press

Coming up with new social media content ideas on a daily basis is not as easy as it sounds, and if you’re running multiple social accounts, you already know the struggle. While recycling content is a great idea for those days when you feel uninspired, you don’t want to bore your followers with the same posts over and over.

This is exactly why we created this list with various social media content ideas. So, next time you get stuck coming up with an interesting and engaging post, just go over this list and you’ll get inspired in no time.

10 Social Media Content Ideas for When You Feel Uninspired

Share User-Generated Content

Whether you offer products or services, if your social media followers create posts around using what your brand offers, go ahead and repost that content. Most of the time you won’t have to, but it’s a good idea to ask for permission first. 

User-generated content should be a part of your content marketing strategy even when you have plenty of ideas about what to post on your accounts. The reason is simple – reposting a fan’s post will make that same fan want to repost it again, directly from your social account. This will increase that post’s reach and will potentially bring you even more followers as well as encourage others to include your brand in their future posts. 

Also, showing off real people using your products or services builds trust between you and your followers, who are basically your potential customers. And that’s always a good thing, right?

Conduct a Poll

If you’ve used social media for a while, you know that people just love sharing their opinions online. And polls are a great way to not only engage your audience so they spend more time on your profile, but also to gather your followers’ feedback on a certain topic. Polls are also very simple to create, and they’re one of the easiest ways online to get your followers to participate.

You can create polls on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram Stories gives you a few ways to do this: create an actual poll with multiple choices, offer your audience only two choices, and insert an emoji that they can slide with their finger to show you how much they agree with a certain question.

And no, polls don’t have to be about something serious. Of course, you can ask your customers and potential customers about an upcoming product and gather meaningful insight that’ll tell you whether something needs to be changed before launching. And a simple poll like this can actually lead to increase in sales and conversions, and even a more successful marketing campaign! But you can also use humor and ask something that’s more personal to your audience. 

And remember, the more organic engagement your poll has, the more people will see it.

Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

Social media users are a curious bunch, always interested in seeing what’s “hiding behind closed doors”. This is why behind-the-scenes content works for so many brands out there!

Given that your followers already like what you do, they’ll love to see how you do it, where you do it, and who you do it with. And yes, we’re talking about your employees creating the products, the content, managing the services, and so on. 

A simple snap of the workplace is a good way to start and introduce your company to your audience.

When it comes to behind-the-scenes content, the formula “funny = more engagement” works every time.

Including faces works too! So, next time you throw an office party, celebrate someone’s birthday, or simply witness a great working atmosphere – don’t forget to take a snap!

Post Video Content

Do you know that your customers are likely to spend 88% more time on your social media page if you have video content? This only tells us one thing – video content is something that shouldn’t be neglected.

With so many options to choose from such as Instagram and Facebook Stories, IGTV, YouTube videos, or simple Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter videos, creating videos is one of the best social media content ideas that we can give you.

For example, you can create how-to videos where you explain how your product/service works. This might encourage your potential customers to try it out, and if this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. And don’t forget, uploading videos directly on the platform instead of sharing a YouTube or Instagram link will get you much more engagement.

Go Live

Another social media content idea, which is also an amazing way to engage your followers is to go live on your social media accounts. Did you know that social media users spend three times more time watching live videos than previously recorded ones on Facebook? This is not something you want to neglect, so regularly going live on Facebook should definitely be a part of your content strategy.

Instagram is a great platform for live videos as well, and the best part on both of these platforms is that your followers get a notification immediately after you start streaming.

Don’t know what to stream about? That’s why we’re here! How about presenting a new product / service? Or maybe informing your followers that some of your products are on sale? Q & A sessions is something you should regularly do, and simple vlogs where you go around the office and interact with your employees or colleagues will establish a more personal connection between you and your audience.

Run a Contest or a Giveaway

This is hand-off the best way to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences, considering that organic reach has been on the downfall for a while now. Whether you’re a small or a big brand, you have something to give away, and that’s all you really need. Well, besides a good idea that’ll encourage your followers and their friends to participate, of course.

The prize(s) should obviously be something related to your brand, and we recommend that you choose your own products/services. Another thing we recommend to make it more successful is to make following your account and tagging a friend in the comments the two main conditions for participating. The first condition will increase your subscriber count, while the second will increase your reach and bring you new followers as well.

And lastly, if you choose creative ways for participation like creating a photo or a video contest, don’t forget to include a unique hashtag that your participants will have to use. This will ensure that you keep track of every entry, and who knows, it’ll maybe even be trending on Twitter.

Post GIFs and memes

Does one of your content creators have a great sense of humor? Use his or her skills and ask them to include GIFs and memes in their content plan to share your brand’s personality. Imagine if just one of these goes viral, how many new followers and potential customers it can bring to your company.

But you don’t even have to create them from scratch! Even sharing other people’s GIFs and memes can have a great effect on your content strategy. Just one piece of friendly advice – if you’re considered a very serious company that doesn’t share lighthearted content, GIFs and memes can come off as cringy, so just be careful of that.

Post Infographics

What’s the most shareable non-video content, besides GIFs and memes? You’ve guessed it, high-quality infographics. 

Infographics are one of those social media content ideas that can motivate your audience to take a certain action, or you can use them to share a step-by-step guide, or share content that might bore your followers or it’s hard to understand and make it visual and interesting. So, share this idea with your graphic designer and get him/her down to work!

Holidays / Events

Holidays and special events are always a big deal, so sharing holiday-related posts is how you stay relevant and more importantly, relatable. And we’re not only talking about the big ones like Christmas!

Do you sell coffee or coffee-related products? Well then, you have to use the National Coffee Day and celebrate it with your coffee loving followers in a memorable way. No matter what your brand is about, check out this holidays calendar and we’re sure that you’ll find the appropriate holiday that’s related to what you sell in one way or another.

Share Company News 

Is your company ranked on the Inc’s 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies? Did you receive an award for something you’ve accomplished in your industry? Has your social media account reached 100.000 followers or another substantial number? Was your company featured in an article on a prominent website? Whatever it is, don’t forget to share the news with your followers!

Sharing your accomplishments with the people who support you online and thanking them in the meantime strengthens the relationship between you and your followers, but now only that. You also show them that you’re a serious company that’s doing good, and this can only bring you more customers in the future.

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